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Get the right tools for the right job.
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Clean up your lakeshore the simple, proven and cost effective way!

  • Need to rip out the weeds and muck? Use the Beachroller!
  • Need to rake and scoop your unwanted lake debris? Use the Beachrake PRO!
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Now with a 20ft Handle!

Get rid of the nasty weeds and muck from the bottom of your lakeshore with our weed removal tool.

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Baby Beachroller

Compact, lightweight and very aggressive. Designed for the toughest lakeshores... heavy weeds and muck!

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The ultimate lake rake. Four-in-one tool. Rake. Cut. Scoop. Skim. The Beachrake Pro is a simple, lightweight tool that does all your lake raking needs.

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The Roofrake is a multi-purpose tool that you can use in the winter and summer. Makes roof snow removal and beach and pond grooming a breeze.

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Beach Fork

Large and lightweight fork picks up all weeds and debris in and out of the water.

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Weed Glider

The safe and simple way to clear mature lake weeds. Weighs only 2 lbs and features the innovative swim fin to reach deeper water. Comes with (2) 24" handle sections.

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Tree Trimmer Plus

Cut your toughest lake weeds with ease plus prune and trim up all your trees and foliage.

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Combo Kit

Save $$ by purchasing the 5 piece lake weed tool kit with a 28 foot handle system.

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Here's what our customers are saying....


I just received this yesterday and started using it today. This is incredible!!! What a difference in the area I rolled after using ONCE!! I don't usually write reviews, but this tool deserves five stars plus!! Guests will be able to swim from our shore again!!

Mrs. M.
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six stars!

This tool is simply amazing. I've tried rakes, chemicals and cussing and this tops all of those. In just about an hour, I had completely cleared a 20' square of weeds and could feel the bottom getting firmer as I rolled. I can't wait to do more tonight!

Steve Windham
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The beachroller is amazing! I bought this after a recommendation from a neighbor. Our lakeshore was mucky and weedy, and after one weekend (using the Beachroller twice) the weeds are gone and the bottom is nice hard sand! I can go in without water shoes and without sinking down a few inches. Definitely one of the best purchases for our new lake cabin.

Courtney T.
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Invented and manufactured in the heartland of Minnesota Lake Country.