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The Roofrake

One tool to remove excess snow in the winter and level the beach in the summer.
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Developed in the lake country of snowy Minnesota!

A simple attachment to use with your Beachroller handle system.

Safe Roof Snow Removal with the Roofrake

Even though snow seems light and fluffy, when it accumulates to several inches or several feet, it contains a lot of water weight. Minnesota roofs are built to hold a heavy load of snow, but they do have their limits. Every homeowner in an area that receives significant snowfall should be prepared to do roof snow removal. The lightweight construction and long handle length of our Roofrake make it perfect for reaching up beyond the eaves to pull down the snow before it causes a problem.

Smooth the Sand of Your Beach with Your Roofrake

Our Roofrake is a multi-purpose tool for summer and winter. Use it to remove the heavy snow from your roof in the winter and use it to level or smooth out the sand on your beach in the summer. Its rugged, durable construction makes both jobs a breeze. This snow rake works just as well as a sand rake. It uses the same long handle as the Beachroller and the Beachrake, just move the handle to the tool you are using or buy a handle for each tool to make it even more convenient.

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What's Included

  • 24"' x 6" aluminum roof rake
  • (1) stainless steel pop button spring

Warranty: 1 year warranty on all parts.

Return Policy: 30 day money back guarantee. Buyer responsible for all shipping cost.

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