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Beachroller Testimonials

I love my beachroller!

I love my beach roller. I used it worry free for over fifteen years without any problems. To take advantage of the tree trimmer and the beach fork attachments, I purchased a second beach roller.. The new model is easier to use in removing weeds. The beach fork makes removing the muck so much easier. My husband loves the stability of the tree trimmer attachment.. Jim is a pleasure to work with. His response time in solving our weed problem was fantastic.

Carolyn W - September, 2023

love my beachroller!

Love my Beachroller. Thanks for the handles, great service!! Back to rolling my swim area and blasting away with my bubbler:) gained 5 feet of depth and 40 feet of swimming area from my dock!! Been doing this for 5 years! Best swimming dock in the area! Thanks Guys!

Mike T. (Ottawa Canada) - August, 2023
(Purchased on site for Canadian Customers)

We love our beachroller!

We love our beachroller! I saw it at a friend's house and bought one a few years ago. We just had an association meeting and had a demonstration for a few neighbors and shared your website with others. You should see a few orders in the next week! What is the estimated delivery time for current orders? We've tried several weed management techniques over the years and this is the only one that has been consistent with weed removal! You need to do more advertising to the beach communities! So glad we found you!

Dave L. Hart - July 4, 2023

Beachroller and Tree Trimmer Plus Work!

Just got my package and both worked great, especially the tree trimmer plus to get the weeds out from between the rocks. It took less than 5 min to clear weeds from 25' to 30' of shoreline. Between the beachroller and tree trimmer end my shore line looks better today than anytime the last 30 years. Thanks for recommending the tree trimmer plus. The Weed Glider will be handy for other deep water areas.!

Mark N. - June 6, 2023

outstanding beach cleaning tool

My beach & boat launch areas were overgrown with weeds & years of muck. First roll took out about 60% of the weeds, but that’s because the cloud of muck & floating weeds made it difficult to ensure I was getting 100% coverage. Subsequent rolls became easier & more productive, I now have the nicest swimming area on the lake. On a related note, I just bought the beach fork attachment to scoop the cut & drifting weeds from the lake. Absolutely love both the beach roller & beach fork!

Gregory A. - August 2, 2022

amazing service and incredible products

I Love your Amazing Service and Incredible Products. I recently bought a Lake House that needs some work inside and out. The lakefront requires the removal of weeds and muck. The Beachroller is the most effective, efficient and ease of use tool you'll find on the market. More impressively is the Company's commitment to customer service. I needed to replace the base piece for my Beachroller (not an item you'll find separately on the website). I called the Sales line with limited expectations, call answer by Tracy, and was delighted by the kindness, empathy and support for my situation. She was incredibly professional and quick to respond to my request. I'm grateful and customer for life. Keep up the great work!

Double D. - May 18, 2022

greatest purchase we've made to date

Bought our lake place 13yrs ago... Purchased our BEACHROLLER 5 days ago paid for expedited shipping and glad I did. Hands down greatest purchase we've made to date.  Addicting and effective and the results are worth every $$$. I wish I would have taken better before and after photos. This is a great product well constructed couldn't be happier with our purchase...

Dave B. - July 9, 2021

Tremendous success!

I just want you to know that we had tremendous success with the Beach Rake and Beach Roller. Congratulations on a great product. You can see from the pictures below that we had a serious problem, about ¼ acre of seagrass with algae caught up in the top. This is all in up to about 6 or 7 feet of water. I was able to get out there with chest waders and the 16’ extension and methodically rake the weeds from the bottom. In my estimation about 3000 lbs drained weight! Anyway – thanks a ton for getting it to us so timely. We feel so optimistic for future years and will never let it get like this again.

Dan H. — November 13, 2020
Before using Beachroller
After using Beachroller

good addition to beach cleaning duties

Sturdy tool. Does what it's supposed to do, and very well!

June 12, 2021

best lake weed remover ever!

I’ve used various methods to remove lake weeks from our swimming area for 52 years. I bought this when it first came on the local market in Crosslake MN and it’s still going strong years later. Solidly built to remove mature weeds initially, and then maintain lake bottom of our swimming area.

June 8, 2021


After 1 pass light weed growth is turned to sand with vacuum/lawnmower lines. Next day a little settling of debris, but still mostly sand. If raking for a beach party, consider doing it a day or two in advance, but it works on sand/muck. Pebbles are a mixed bag.

May 31, 2021

if you live on the water it's a must have!!!!

Unbelievable this thing is great 👍No chemicals

April 18, 2021

great tool!

Great tool. We have noticed a significant improvement in our lakefront from using this rake. We can now see the sandy bottom. Hoping that it will be less mucky once we start swimming in the warmer weather. Well worth the investment.

April 12, 2021

works extremely well

Used this at our Michigan home - small lake, sand bottom with years of leaves and cat tail growth. This thing had us back to sand in a fairly short time!

March 24, 2021

great customer service!

Great Customer Service! I received the new cutter blades. Thank you for sending me these. I will be installing and using next spring. After one season of using the Beach Roller, I now have a swimming area for my grandkids. They really enjoyed the experiences and we are building great memories. Again, THANK YOU!

Chuck H. — October 16, 2020


This thing is awesome! It works wonders at clearing algae and other debris.

Kingamer114 — June 20, 2020

beachroller works!

Ok to start I was super sceptical... But I was also excited because I did the research and it seemed like a good product.... The people that owned the house before us had a very expensive lake bottom roller ($4k for the one I looked at they they had)... It had the beach clear of weeds and sandy. After about 5 years the weeds had crept in and around the boat and dock the weeds were thick and to the top of the water.... Not to mention the muck. It is unbelievable how good this worked. After the first time it was remarkably better and with just a couple days rolling a little in the morning there are zero weeds and the bottom is coming back to sand... Truly a great product. My only regret is that I did not take before and after pictures... I have already recommended this to my next door neighbors on the lake... I'm serious this thing works! Thanks,

Brian B. — June 1, 2020

it's pretty awesome!

We had a chance to use the rake this week.  It's pretty awesome; my wife loves it. It pulled out a ton of muck (there's still alot more to do), but we are pretty happy with what it does.  :)

Wes — May 29, 2020

mucky channel. First week is amazing!

So far it has exceeded my expectations. We are just starting the season and I am seeing a ton of roots coming up! Easy to use.

Jeff — April 13, 2020

it works!

Love this tool! We don't have a lot of weeds in our beach area, but we do have muck. This tools plows through it with ease! It is for sure going to take some time to get it all up, and we will need to get into the water to remove large rocks and some heavy debris, but it's worth it. Just wish I would have found it years ago! I recommend using it on a windy day so the muck gets blown away.

Remy D. — May 21, 2020


Awesome! Thank you so much! I love it! Great seller!!!.

Kim W. — April 22, 2020


The Beachroller is amazing! I bought this after a recommendation from a neighbor. Our lake shore was mucky and weedy, and after one weekend (using the Beachroller twice) the weeds are gone and the bottom is a nice hard sand! I can go in without water shoes and without sinking down a few inches. Definitely one of the best purchases for our new lake cabin.

Courtney T. — August 12, 2019


I just received this yesterday and started using it today. This is incredible!!! What a difference in the area I rolled after using ONCE!! I don't usually write reviews, but this tool deserves five stars plus!! Guests will be able to swim from our shore again!!

Mrs. M. — July 26, 2019

six starts!

This tool is simply amazing. I've tried rakes, chemicals and cussing and this tops all of those. In just about an hour, I had completely cleared a 20' square of weeds and could feel the bottom getting firmer as I rolled.I can't wait to do more tonight!

Steve Windham — July 18, 2019

This Is The Answer

Found this site an item by chance, thought I'd try it. So glad I did!!! It does just as reported and some. I have what is normally a lake bottom that is about 2" to 3" of dark muck. I've been using almost the entire season about only once every week or less often, we now have a really nice SANDY bottom!! Kids and wife love it. If any weeds try to grow back, its great to see them rise to the surface after rolling and watch float away!!!! Neighbors on both sides have nothing but weeds and muck. There's a straight line defining where it's being done and not.My advice, get one, you will be happy and the kids will too!! Also, each time you use it, it gets easier.

Bill DeWildt — June 12, 2019

look no further!

I just purchased the beach roller this week after months of reviewing lake weed tools. We purchased a lake shore that not been used previously so we had some work to do. We have fully grown August weeds and about 4-8" of muck. I have been using a yard rake on and off throughout the summer to keep the weeds that are close to the dock tamed but I could only reach 4' out from the dock. The first time using the beach roller I rolled for about 1 hour and it eliminated all the weeds in our swim area. I couldn't believe how fast it pulled these weeds up especially for how thick they were. The didn't just cut weeds, it actually ripped the weeds up by the root. I have before/after pictures and a picture of the uprooted weeds. Rolling was a breeze for the most part until you hit really thick grown weeds (as you would expect). Our weeds are 6' high and I was able to still roll without any problems. My 5 and 7 year olds roll the beach every time we go to the lake with ease. As for the muck we now have hard sandy bottom where it's shallow and now we are working on our drop off area which is already down to about 2-3" of muck after 1 day of use. We used to have a leech problem and now no one has had a single leech on them! Best win ever. Assembly was simple and quick and I love the new model and it's portability. The handle breaks down for storage and for transporting (because everyone wants to use it now). Our weeds were so thick that we did have hand remove weeds from the unit but we removed an insane amount of weeds. Removing them from the roller was quick and easy (wear gloves). Overall this product is amazing! Especially if you get started in the spring. My beach just got a whole lot bigger now that it's easy to maintain. Seriously look no further than the beach roller, you'll just be wasting money.

Rossi Gangl — May 22, 2019

Best Beach Product!

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a GREAT tool the beach roller is I bought it June 2017 after looking at it for 2 summers on line, After seeing what a difference it made on my lake bottom my neighbor bought one. for 8 yrs I have worked my tail off trying to improve my lake bottom, because of this tool I have finally beat it. We have just sold our home ( today) and I know because of the work I put in with the BEACHROLLER it was a contributing factor in the sale of the house. My neighbor across the lake has now bought mine after seeing what it did for me.

Art Campione — May 18, 2019

easy to use

We purchased our beach roller from Jim while attending one of the sportsman shows. The beach roller has made great difference in keeping our shoreline looking nice. Thanks Jim, your product is easy to use and provides great results. Jim provides exceptional customer service as well.

Tim Hughes — May 12, 2019


The Beachroller is great! We've owned our cabin for 23 years and have always had a problem with weeds and muck . Not anymore! We started rolling this spring before the weeds got too tall. It only takes a few minutes a week. The deep muck is gone as are the weeds. The grandkids have loved the cleaner swimming area! Our neighbors all have expensive weedrollers and they are really surprised with the effectiveness of the Beachroller. We would definitely recommend this product. So glad we bought it!!

Dale & Linda — August 30, 2018

The Newer Model Is Greatly Improved!

I just purchased the newest model of the beach roller. I was lent from a neighbor, one of the first versions of this made beach roller available and found that to my liking, so decided to see if I could find one for myself. I was able to contact the company and purchased that same day. The new line of cutters are more aggressive and the rollers is over 4 lbs lighter than earlier models. This is a great product that has taken years to makes great improvements. Take my word....this will make cleaning your beach area easier than you think.Thanks Jim for an excellent product.

Tim Drinka — August 15, 2018

very happy

Very quick shipping and handling, easy assembly. I was wanting to wait to give a review but I really wanted to get this out there for possible purchasers this summer yet. If you get taller weeds get this product. Our lake lot has what I would call an extreme case of muck. When you disturb it it smells like a swamp. So anyway we have used the beachroller twice so far from the dock maybe four hours total. It really stirs up the silt and muck and easily removed all my weeds including the roots. They all floated away. The muck that was disturbed and now floated away was over a foot thick. I now have areas where the one foot a muck is virtually gone and down to the sandy lake bottom. I can't say it enough that this product really does work. No gimmicks and I am very confident that we will have a sand bottom next year. We now have many fish that come and hang out in the cleaned out area as there is plenty of food and other habitat beyond in the undisturbed areas.

Brian C. — July 20, 2018

six starts!

This tool is simply amazing. I've tried rakes, chemicals and cussing and this tops all of those. In just about an hour, I had completely cleared a 20' square of weeds and could feel the bottom getting firmer as I rolled.I can't wait to do more tonight!

Steve Windham — July 5, 2018


Heard about the roller from a friend. They had nothing but good to say about it. I bought one today. Used it and was totally amazed. Did what it was designed to do. Push it slow and it will do the job. My only problem with it is ,I had neighbor's over and they what to borrow it. Would it be bad to rent it out?

John Walters — June 15, 2018


This is the best weed roller ever. This is the only one I would get ever. It's a great price, great company, and great family business. My family met the owner and he's super eazy to work with! Thank you beach roller for cleaning our beach!!!

Jackson Purfeerst — May 30, 2018


We bought the beachroller a couple years ago with our neighbors. Trying yet again another tool to help keep the ground solid and weeds at bay in the lake we live on. We started using this tool first sign of spring before the weeds were in full swing and by June there were no weeds and the ground was solid. We do this about 1 hour a week through the summer and it does a fantastic job. The grandkids didn't like swimming at Grandpa and Grandma's because of the weeds and the muck. They now can't wait to come for a visit to swim. Since buying the beachroller we have recommended it to many family, friends and neighbors and there are now 5-6 owners just on our block. We are now seeing them all around the lake where we live. The word has certainly traveled about this new great tool. Everyone I have talked to are just as pleased as we are. I have yet to hear a negative word about it. It is truly an excellent tool and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Teresa — September 15, 2017


I purchased the beach roller late last summer. After trying it a few times it really gave me hope for this summer. I started using it again this year as soon as the dock went in. I use it once per week. For the first time in 30 years we have a firm bottom around our dock, and no weeds. Previously we had calf deep muck everywhere but where the boat ran. I fully endorse the beach roller!!!

Glen M. — August 29, 2017


This is our 8th summer at our cabin. We had used a weed rake to get rid of the weeds and that worked, but could not get rid of the muck. We tried raking and muck digester pellets and after several hundred dollars, we still had muck. I had pretty much given up on ever having a sandy bottom when my husband read about the beachroller. Shipping was within a day without paying express shipping. We tried it the first day and waited until the next day to check it out. I sat on the pier a bit, trying to get the courage to hop in because I hate the feeling of the muck between my toes. I finally stepped in and could not believe it. I had my sandy bottom. I was so excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robin P. — August 2, 2017


We purchased a cabin 2 years ago that needed some work, especially the shoreline. While looking for something to help with lake weeds I found the Beachroller and thought I'd give it a try. The results are amazing. I went from a weed choked swimming area to a beautiful sandy bottom weed free swimming area. This is so simple to use a few minutes each week with the beachroller is all it takes. Great product with great results!!!!

Steve S. — August 2, 2017


We were looking for a lake rake, and the hardware store manager suggested the Beachroller. WOW! This is the only product that gives immediate and high-quality results, removing the weeds, muck and silt all at once. I highly recommend this to any lake owner; try this before you spend money on anything else.

Joy k. / Steve S. — July 28, 2017


After seeing all the endorsements, I ordered the beach roller on Tuesday of this week and it was on my doorstep on Wednesday!!! WOWI have used it twice since then and it really works. No chemicals to worry about, and the weeds are removed at the roots. Great product which works as described.

Clarence P. — July 21, 2017


The Beachroller does work! Was a little unsure when we purchased it after having using lake rakes for years. But we can now see our sandy bottom for the first time in years. Easy to use and does not take a lot of time. Good product!

Bill W. — July 18, 2017


We use it every weekend we are at the lake and it's made a huge difference. We have tried other products and this is by far the best.

V Hughes — June 30, 2017


I bought the beach roller hoping it worked as advertised but not expecting much. It has far exceeded my expectations. It cuts right through the weeds. Don't expect instant results on the muck. That takes time and persistence. I used it for a couple hours the first day I had it and the weeds are gone and the muck depth was probably cut in half. You could clearly tell by the time I was done for the day how far it reached. I would buy again but I am glad I don't have to.

Joel — June 29, 2017

i like it

This actually works better than I expected. You still have to rake or use a net to get the loose weeds out of the water, but it does tear them out of the lake bottom nicely. It is very sturdy. Overall it is a good product.

Julie F.


Purchased the Beachroller in 2014. Our small bay gets very weedy in the Summer and was hard to use our PWC, without sucking in the weeds.This tool makes it easy to keep the weeds out of the dock and lift area.Now the Grandkids even use the water! Response: Happy you are using your lakeshore!



This device works. We bought it in the summer of 2014 and use it everytime we are at the cabin for a few minutes. It cuts the weeds and cleans up any silt that has settled in our dock area. Perfect! Recommend it to all my lake friends.


this thing just works

This thing just works. PERIOD. You will be absolutely amazed that with just a little work, how much silt and muck is removed. I bought a lake property and couldn't swim anywhere but the association beach because the muck and silt (and weeds too) were so thick and slimy on our lakefront. In just a few hours I saw huge swaths of sand. I was amazed. The water is cold in upstate NY in early May but I just had to walk in and test it out. AMAZING. Made here in the USA which is another plus too!


Works well

Beachroller worked very well for cutting up the weeds this summer. Used it for dislodging and getting the leaves that sink to the bottom this fall. The stuff really flies off the bottom. Great tool. My neighbors love it too!!! Would recommend it to any lakehome owner.



We purchased your Beachroller this spring and I just wanted to say it is FANTASTIC! It is very easy to use and clears the muck and weeds out. In fact, a neighbor from our lake saw me using the Beachroller and stopped by to find out more about it. They were very interested in it so I gave them your website. I just wanted to tell you that your product is a success! Thank You.

Lisa H.

A simple machine

It's hard to believe that such a simple machine can clean up your beach. Within a short time we were walking on a nice sandy bottom without weeds wrapping around our legs. The Beach Roller has been great and it didn't cost a lot.

Scott J.

a simple device that works

The Beachroller is one of the best tools I have purchased in years. Very simple device that is my underwater lawnmower. When I go to our cabin, I just roll it for a few minutes and it seems to cut all the new weeds and any silt that has blown in to our shore. Done! Great buy at 200 bucks - better than all the rakes and cutters I have tried.


does what it claims

Does exactly what seller claims. The roller cuts the weeds and especially good at loosening up the mud on the bottom so it goes away. The mud floats away out to deeper water. I can actually see the hard bottom about 6ft deep for the first time since buying our cabin in 1998. After owning LOTS of weed lake tools, I am finally happy with one.


great product!

Thanks Jim for the great product! We purchased the Beachroller directly from Jim, the guy who designed it. Looked like it would work, but didn't know for sure. Have tried lots of cutters and rakes in the past with minimal results at best. On our lake in the Hackensack area, we have a deeper hole off our dock that is always weedy and full of muck. Kids hate it! Within 1 day of rolling it looked 10x better. Now after 2 weekends, weeds are gone and can feel the hard bottom. Thanks again Jim! Good luck with your super invention.

Steve M.

it works!

All I can say is that it works. I was a bit suspicious that something so simple could deal with the muck and weeds around my dock and help me recover the sand bottom. With about an hour of work, half my beach was clean (the untouched part allowed me to see the before-and-after). Most of the weeds are gone (the tall grass under my dock seemed to be the only stuff I couldn’t get), and the layer of muck is gone, exposing the proper bottom. I’ll see if I can take some pix for you.


Light weight, easy to maneuver

I really like the Beach Roller. It has been a great addition to our struggle to clean up the beach. I like that it's light weight, which makes it easy to manuver in the water and on the dirty bottom. It has been terrific in getting rid of those pesky weeds and dirty bottom. We can now feel the sand.


easy to use

The Beach Roller has been easy to use and with surprisingly good results. For an inexpensive device it can't be beat.


no weeds

It is easy to assemble and it pulls out the weeds.We have calf high muck so it is easier to use the roller at lake level rather than from the dock. A few hours keeps the weeds out of a 90 x 90 foot area.Don’t know if it would work on weeds with thick stalks, but get them early in the season before the get big.I’m rolling over the muck trying to move it downstream and am seeing some progress but there isn’t much current. Keep on rolling along!

Dan Regan

this is the answer

Found this site an item by chance, thought I’d try it. So glad I did!!! It does just as reported and some. I have what is normally a lake bottom that is about 2″ to 3″ of dark muck. I’ve been using almost the entire season about only once every week or less often, we now have a really nice SANDY bottom!! Kids and wife love it. If any weeds try to grow back, its great to see them rise to the surface after rolling and watch float away!!!! Neighbors on both sides have nothing but weeds and muck. There’s a straight line defining where it’s being done and not.My advice, get one, you will be happy and the kids will too!! Also, each time you use it, it gets easier.

Bill DeWildt


I can't tell you how thrilled the results are. This is our second year and we can't enjoy our waterfront without it. Recently I needed a small part for mine, and contacted the company via email. Not only was their service exceptional - they stand behind this excellent device. I received the part I needed in record time in a professional and friendly manner. I like buying USA made goods and have recommended this to my association (they bought one) and to residents of the lake. THANK YOU FOR THIS INGENIOUS DEVICE. A little work at first but simple maintenance thereafter.

Mike L.
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