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Baby Beachroller

For tougher and more demanding lakeshores.

The Baby Beachroller Removes Lake Weeds Fast and Easy

It's an easy-to-use tool that cuts lake weeds, rips out the roots and digs up the muck.  It is very easy to use and the only manual lake weed removal device that gets to the problem....the lake bottom.  With the Beachroller you are blasting up the muck and dead vegetation, which is what feeds new weed and vegetation growth.  Beachrolling takes only a few minutes and anyone can use it.  It works!

Why a Baby Beachroller?

The New Baby Beachroller was designed for the tougher and more demanding lakeshores.

  • Do you have a very weedy lakeshore?
  • A softer lake bottom?
  • A beach area that has not been used for years or don't have the strength of your younger days?

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