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Beach Combo Kit

Save Over $100 Bucks!
Summer clean up and maintenance made easy with FIVE simple tools.

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Combo Kit Saves You Money

Purchase the Combo Kit and you will have a 28 ft handle system that is interchangeable between the 5 tools.  Seven (7) handle sections are included. Each handle section is 4 feet in length.

The Combo Kit will: clean the muck away from your lake bottom; clear away the weeds in your lake; and skim the pond scum from the top of your water. Our 5-piece beach cleaning toolkit does all this and more.

  • Cut thick lake weeds with the Beachroller or clear debris from you swim area with the Beachrake Pro.
  • Slice down large lake weeds and trim up foliage with the Tree Trimmer Plus attachment.
  • Pick up all debris in the water and on the beach with the Beach Fork Attachment.
  • Cut deep water weeds with the lightweight Weed Glider.

All five tools use the same handle system, which comes in 4-foot sections. You can purchase additional handle sections in any quantity you desire.


The Beachroller cuts down your lake weeds and pulls them up by the roots. Clear the muck away and leave a sandy bottom that welcomes waders and swimmers.


Beachrake Pro

Use it to rake the lake bottom and collect weeds and debris into the Beachrake basket or skim floating debris from the surface of the water up to 65 feet away.


Weed Glider

Safe, simple and lightweight deep weed cutter. With 65ft of rope and a swim fin, reach all your lake weeds easily.


Beach Fork

Large and lightweight fork picks up all weeds and debris in and out of the water.


Tree Trimmer Plus

Cut your toughest lake weeds with ease plus prune and trim up all your trees and foliage.

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