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The Best Weed, Muck, and Silt Shoreline Cleaning Tools in the Industry.
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About Beachroller

We started designing the Beachroller in 2007 and brought it to retail in 2009. It is assembled and shipped from Crosslake, MN.
Currently we offer the Beachrake and the Roofrake.  They are all interchangeable with the same handle system.  

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OUR OFFICE & Shipping
13919 Riverwood Lane
Crosslake, MN 56442
(218) 330-2013
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CAnadian distributor
Pond Perfections Inc.
(519) 367-5932

Our Commitment

We strive for a superior product, great customer service and fast shipping. We are continually designing and testing new tools to remove lake weeds, muck and invasive species.  We listen to our customers for tools that they need for a beautiful beach utilizing the existing handle system.