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The Beachrake Pro

Get the ultimate lake rake.

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Why the Beachrake Pro?

The Beachrake Pro is a simple, lightweight tool that does all your lake raking needs. It has been designed to rake up debris on the bottom of the lake or be thrown and pulled back across the top of the water to clear weeds and muck away.

The large mesh basket allows you to rake and scoop up all lake weeds and lake bottom debris, including muck, rocks, sticks, shells, and zebra mussels. It takes care of anything you do not want on your lakeshore.

The stainless steel cutting blade, on the top of the basket, cuts lake weeds and pulls them in at the same time. It comes with 65 feet of rope that allows you to throw the Beachrake Pro far into deeper water. The included rope holder always keeps your rope neat and untangled.

It can also be used to skim across all the floating weeds and algae. By quickly attaching the float to the top of basket, with reusable zip-ties, you can scoop in all of the floating debris. Rake with the included two 4-foot handle sections or attach the floating rope to use for deeper water.

The Beachrake PRO does it all. Plus, it's lightweight so everyone can use it. You can rake with it or throw it. Plus, it uses the same handle system as the Beachroller, so you can share the handle back and forth with all your Beachroller tools.

It's Lightweight - It Rakes Out - It Scoops - It Skims
Pull in with the blade down to cut all the weeds.
Sharp, raking teeth and large basket for collecting debris and weeds.
Add the float to skim in top water weeds.